Welcome to the agilityOrganiser

The agility organiser was the idea of Ellen Schofield when she was unable to locate the graded classes that she wanted for her dogs without having to trawl through a multitude of schedules. To this end, agilityOrganiser was born as a place for schedules to be placed, but also where the schedules were parsed for their classes, to create an on-line, searchable database of agility classes

As well as a searchable database of classes, the competitions can also be viewed by location to quickly see competitions that are close to your home. Once an account has been created, the website is able to work with your home postcode to provide maps, directions and distances to competitions.

The site is still in it the very early stages of development, but please feel free to use it and give me feedback on what is good/bad, what works and doesn't, and most importantly, what else would be useful. So far, you are able to...

If you get stuck at any time whilst using the website, please refer to the on-line documentation that can be obtained at the bottom of all pages. Failing that, contact me directly and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible

FAO Show Secretaries : If you would like your show included on this site, please feel free to add it via the provided form (you need to be logged in to do this). As the owner of this show, you will then be able to edit it at a later date.


Upcoming competitions are listed in order of start date on the competitions page. They are also shown on a Google Map as clickable markers. If you are logged in, the map also shows a house to represent the approximate location of your home. Competitions that have closed are shown grayed out, but you are still able to view the competition page, including any schedules, entry forms, driving directions or classes listed for that competition. Shows that are within a week of closing will be shown in bold font.

Every competition has it's own page, which can be found either via the clickable Google Map markers, or via clicking on the competition title in the list. The page gives details of dates, show secretary contact information, schedules/entry forms to download and a list of classes by day, that the show is putting on. Once you have created an account, logged in and set up your dogs on your account, you will see that you have the option of filtering the classes by selecting each of you dogs in the drop-down list. You also have the option of adding the show to your Events (via add to myEvents link) so that you can easily re-visit shows that you are interested in (from myEvents on your account page). Finally, you get the option of obtaining driving instructions, via Google Maps, from your house to the competition venue

Please note, all locations are estimates as they are based purely on the postcode that you, or the show secretary supply, and then a computerised lookup of the latitude/longitude positions of this postcode. If a marker is a long way from the correct position, please contact me and I will alter the positioning by hand. Also, the driving directions that you can obtain from this site should be checked prior to use.


The agilityOrganiser has a Google Calendar listing all the shows entered in the database along with closing dates where applicable. Any Google Calendar user is welcome to add this calender to their own by clicking on the button below.

google calendar

For those people out there who would prefer to use their own software for viewing the calendar, there are two ways to do this, depending on what software and versions you have. You can either download this file, that can then be imported into MOST versions of calendaring software, probably via File > Import > Calendar (.ics) File, or on newer versions of software you can subscribe to internet calendars.

If you download the file, you must realise that the dates are static and will not get updated if the internet calendar is updated, so you will need to download a new copy of the file every so often. The subscription to the Calendar, on the other hand, is able to update itself on a regular basis so will always have the most up-to-date copies of the events. Instructions for using this service, with the following pieces of software, are included in the on-line documentation

If you regularly use a different piece of software for your calendar, and feel that others might be interested in that too, then please contact me and I will endeavor to add instructions on how to use this service with your software

Your Account

Registering for an account takes a matter of a few minutes. Select the Login/Register link in the top right hand corner. You need to supply your name, e-mail address (this will become your username), address and postcode. You can indicate you current level within the Kennel Club system by selecting what previous wins you have had. You are also able to indicate whether you are ever a show secretary. When you click register, the site will register your account and then e-mail you an auto-generated password. Once you receive this e-mail, just follow the directions within the e-mail (this includes changing your auto-generated password) and you will be up and running in seconds.

Once you have created your account, clicking on the My Account link in the top right corner of all the pages will take you to your account area. Here you can add dogs to your account, as well as look at events that you have added you your myEvents section

Adding your dogs to the system is easy. Click on the ADD NEW DOG button on your account page. Fill in as much of the information that you can, and then click SAVE. The system checks that the dog hasn't been added already. If it has, the dog's page will be brought up with the option for you to add this dog to your account. If the dog isn't on the system, an new record is created.

NEW : Add competitions to your myEvents, and you will receive e-mails alerting you to changes in that competition, such as when schedules and entry forms become available, as well as a reminder 7 days prior to the closing date.